Responsive image 21st S.I.S. World Congress on Breast Cancer and Breast Healthcare - Topics

Basic Topics Per Congress Day

3 May

ΒΗWGI Session 15.00-17.00
IBUS meets SIS/ISS- Update and advancements in breast imaging and interventions

4 May

• Senology as Specialty
• Accreditation of Breast Centers/Clinics
• Breast Cancer Screening
• Quality Control of Breast Imaging
• Diagnosis
• Benign Breast Diseases
• Early Breast Cancer
• Fertility Preservation in Breast Cancer
• Quality Assurance in Surgery
• Guidelines of European Community

5 May

• Management of the axilla in early Breast Cancer
• Artificial Intelligence in Breast Cancer
• Genomic Profiles for management of Breast Cancer
• Neoadjuvant Therapy
• Advanced Breast Cancer
• Psychosocial Aspect of Breast Cancer
• Integration of Palliative Care
• Patient Advocacy in Breast cancer
• Breast Cancer in Young Women
• Breast Cancer in Elderly Women
• Lifestyle after Breast Cancer Diagnosis
• Health Tourism and Breast Health
• Poor Life Style and Dietary Habits
• Alternative Medicine
• Media & Breast Cancer Patients

6 May

• Male Breast Cancer
• Rare and Special Pathology of Breast Cancer
• Systemic Therapy
• Breast Plastic Surgery
• Breast Reconstruction
• Lymphedema Treatment
• Radiotherapy
• Immunotherapy for Breast Cancer
• Follow-up after Breast Cancer Diagnosis