Responsive image 21st S.I.S. World Congress on Breast Cancer and Breast Healthcare - Senology Topics



To promote the discussions about quality and high value breast cancer care within resource limitations webinars will be organized in close collaboration with e-cancer. Controversies, real live challenges and the application of the existing knowledge for all will be a main issue.
Starting from november 2022, 4 times a year, freely available, with possibility to interact during the live sessions, using the chat function.
The webinars will be stored on the website of e-cancer . Registration is recommended mentioning: name-profession-country

20-25‘ : main speaker (pre-recorded)
5-10 ‘ : discussant (live - short )
15’ : discussion (live - with chat function )

First webinar : Friday 18/11/2022
Pankaj Roy, breast surgeon, Oxford,UK / Sarantou Terry, breast surgeon, US (TBC ) “Quality management in breast surgery : from breast conservation to breast reconstruction” Dates in 2023 : Friday 17/3 - 16/6 - 29/9 - 24/11/2023

Time: 12.00 pm UK Time/13.00 pm Paris Time/7.00 am NY Time /20.00 am Tokio Time

Topics will cover: Breast cancer burden, early diagnosis, health care expense, quality management, breast cancer research, value-quotient, health experience, patient voice, telemedicine, role of governments,……………………………………………………………………………..

Chairs: Pankaj Roy, University of Oxford and Didier Verhoeven, University of Antwerp
Editorial Board: Claudia Allemani, London / Eduardo Cazap, Buenos Aires Helena Earl,Cambridge / Nirmala Bhoo-Pathy, Kuala Lumpur /Hans Junkermann, Heidelberg /Nwamaka Lasebikan, Nigeria/ Seigo Nakamura, Tokio/ Clifford Rhayns, Las Vegas / Sabine Siesling, Twente /Luzia Travado, Lisbon/ Lee Tucker, Virginia / Vahit Ozmen, Istambul

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Breast cancer research in LMIC : How can we do better ? (Nwamaka Lasebikan, TBC )
Breast cancer care experience . The use of PROM’s and PREM’s ( S.Siesling , TBC )
Early diagnosis in LMIC : From awareness to screening
Mammography screening in Turkey (LMIC) : Feasibility and cost-effectivity ( V.Ozmen, Turkey, TBC )
Genetical screening for breast cancer for all ? ( M.Schnmidt , TBC )
Patient advocacy groups : opportunities and pitfalls ( Lopamudra Das Roy , TBC )
To locally adopt or adapt clinical guidelines ( Nirmala Boo Pathy , TBC )
Are all essential breast cancer medicines created equally ? ( C.Booth, TBC )
Westernization of women’s breast cancer risk : real or fake ?
Opportunities and pitfalls of telemedicine
Tackling the shortage of the workforce of doctors and nurses : wat can we do ?
Role of the primary care : what can we expect in a global perspective
Medico-legal aspects : blessing or curse ?
Value quotient breast care delivery : Is it affordable ? ( L.Tucker, TBC )
Developing and managing a breast integrated practice unit
Global breast cancer burden : tackling the data. ( C.Allemani , TBC )
Defining overdiagnosis and overtreatment : choosing wisely

18th St.Gallen International Breast Cancer Conference 2023